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The NEWLOOK COSMETIC SKIN LASER CENTER is state of the art laser and skin care clinic dedicated to performing treatment for laser hair and skin care with no pain at all, facial plastic and reconstructive, cosmetic, and dermatologic laser procedures using the most current procedures and equipment available.

The renewal of our bodies, a renaissance of the human spirit.Let us help you create a new image for yourself. Your spirits will increase and your entire outlook on life will change for the better. Together we can plan the new you! Meet our staff, we are dedicated to your well-being! Explore this site and learn more about our policies, our staff, hours, locations and what’s new, our latest machines and methods.


The laser hair removal system a work using the principal of selective photothermolysis, in which a carefully timed pulse of laser energy passes through the skin.

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With over 22 years experience dedicated to laser skincare having treated thousands upon thousands of people each year the Newlook Laser Clinic is highly respected and trusted.

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The laser hair removal system a work using the principal of selective photothermolysis, in which a carefully timed pulse of laser energy passes through the skin.

The spectra Q-Switch laser is the frequency doubled Q-Switch ND-Yag laser.This laser is designed to treat pigmented lessions and tattoo particles.This laser can treat effect


The counselor must explain how expert dermatologists at New Look use state-of-the-art laser to treat various skin related ailments, quickly and effectively. And why Newlook, South Asia’s most experienced chain of laser clinic,should we an obvious choice. Emphasize on the following:

  • Newlook is Pioneer in Laser and Skin Care Treatment
  • Newlook is the largest chain of laser skin clinic in South East Asia.
  • Newlook has treated over 1,00,000 patients since its inception.
  • Qualified dermatologist/doctors associated with New Look.
  • Newlook has several celebrities as its esteemed customers.
  • Expert and well qualified staff and team of doctors.
  • Very reasonable price of the laser and skin treatment. No hidden cost.
  • Best Infrastructure.

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The skin produces oils to stay hydrated yet these oils regularly cause inconvenience for the skin. Also, different polluting influences, for example, microscopic organisms, dead skin cells, and soil regularly stall out in the skin because of pores stopping up. In this manner, the facial skin ends up contaminated and dull with the progression of […]

Experience flawless skin with pigmentation treatment

Can’t think of staying with your pigmented skin anymore? Well, you can now dream of experiencing a flawless skin texture that makes your face glowing and youthful. One of the best aesthetic treatments to achieve a smooth and healthy skin is the laser. Newlook Laser Clinic, one of the leading laser skin care clinic in […]

All you need to know about Vitiligo and its treatment

Looking for places to hide due to your Vitiligo patches? The Newlook Laser Skin Care Clinic manages skin problems with care and expertise. We deftly handle your skin issues and give you temporary as well as permanent treatments for a glowing and healthy skin. Dermatological conditions are often frustrating as they can cause a lot […]

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