Do I Need A Hair Transplant Or Some Other Options Are There?

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In permanent treatment, there are three ways to get relieved of hairlessness. If hair follicles are not disabled or damaged, then a person can take his lost hair back by treatment and PRP Hair Treatment. However, if hair follicles are not there then suddenly, he has to go for hair transplantation. In temporary treatment, there are further two ways to get one's attention back. The first one is hair strips, which are conceived of keratin that helps to improve the personality. The other is a hair patch/wig, which is produced of human hair and presents a natural look to a person.

Hair Transplantation is a restorative procedure that needs moving individual hair follicles from one part of the body to modest or balding parts. It is originally used to manage male pattern baldness.

  • It this case, grafts comprising hair follicles that are genetically immune to balding are grafted to the bald scalp. Moreover, it is also used to revive eyelashes, eyebrows, chest hair, and many more to elect in scars affected by accidents or surgery such as face-lifts and former hair transplantations.
  • Hair transplant varies from skin grafting in that slips comprise almost all of the skin and dermis besetting the hair follicle, and many tiny scions are united rather than a single strip of skin.

Both FUE and FUT surgery, miniature sections are produced using fine edges and needles for where the scions from another part of the head are injected. Because FUE includes the extraction of individual hair follicles, the operation is slow and takes longer. In many cases, doctors and clinics divided an FUE procedure into multiple, more abbreviated sessions.

Strip Harvesting or FUT

  • It is a strip of scalp that is extracted under local unconsciousness, the scar is then sutured back collectively and this piece of scalp mesh is then cut into small pieces of tissue called unions which are then grafted back into the thinning area of the patient’s scalp.
  • This procedure will give a narrow scar in the patron area, which should be comprised of a patient’s hair (only if long). This recovery period is about 2 weeks and will need the stitches to be extracted by healing personnel.
FUE hair treatment in Gurgaon

FUE Harvesting or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

  • In this individual follicles of hair are extracted under local insentience; this microextraction uses tiny strokes. Each follicle is then reinserted back into the scalp in the thinning area utilizing a microblade.
  • Because singular follicles are eliminated, only small, punctate scars endure and any post-surgical pain is reduced. Follicular unit extraction, which is also recognized as FIT or FUE. This is a new way of presenting follicular unit hair transplantation. It differs from a widely known follicular unit hair transplantation procedure. It is when a strip of contributor tissue is extracted and inspected under magnification.

Why Is Hair Transplantation Surgery Important?

One of the most popular reasons following hair restoration surgery is to deliver a youthful appearance to encourage their confident behavior. In addition to the Hair Transplantation of the scalp, the surgery can also be done to rebuild hair in other areas such as eyelashes, brows, beard hair, and to hide the scars that occurred after accidents or operations.

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