Pigmentation Treatment

Best Pigmentation Treatment in Gurgaon

pigmentation treatment in Gurgaon

The spectra Q-Switch laser is the frequency doubled Q-Switch ND-Yag laser.This laser is designed to treat pigmented lessions and tattoo particles. This laser can treat effectively dermal, epidermal, and dermal pigmented lesions such as lentigines, care-au-lait masculas, ephelids, junctional, blue nevi,nevi of ota or ito, traumatic and decorative tattoos and post sclerotherapy hyper pigmentation, melasma, post inflammatory hyper pigmentation, Becker nevi and compound nevi etc in gurgaon.

This laser light is absorbed selectively by birthmark particles and melanin. The laser light energy is converted to heat and causes mechanical destruction of the particles by photoacoustic shock wave, result is fragmentation of the target chromophore..

Is Your Pigmentation Making You Conscious About The Way You Look?

Pigmentation is discoloration of the skin and can commonly be caused due to the inability of melanocytes to produce melanin in the skin. Melanin is a pigment present in our body that aids or helps protect the skin from various skin cancers, one of which is Melanoma. Pigmentation can visibly be seen in any person as it results in a certain region or area that gets almost two to three shades darker than your original skin tone. In simple words, Pigmentation is something that will cause to form a dark patch on the skin. As per a recent study, it was found that one in every 17,000 people are diagnosed with Pigmentation and certain skin cells are responsible for making of melanin and when these cells get damaged due to various factors such as too much exposure in the sun, Acne vulgaris, Pigmentation occurs.

Is Pigmentation something to be ashamed of?

Since most of us have come across going through the adolescent phase, so it is quite obvious that almost everyone who hit puberty is most likely to observe changes in their skin and body from growth development to suffering from acne. Pigmentation in a similar way can be counted as one of the leading causes teenagers are most likely to hit during their puberty. Pigmentation is nothing to be ashamed of but, it surely lowers an individual’s confidence and self-esteem when they want to present themselves. Be it an interview or a shoot for portfolio, people do subconsciously notice those visible acne scars and pigmentation. While most men do not know or care about pigmentation, it is the other way round with women. 8 in 9 women suffer from Pigmentation and are less confident about going bare-faced in public. Make-up has always been the weapon of choice for women to hide Pigmentation but we could not agree more on how much make-up can ruin our skin. So is there any solution to treat or cure Pigmentation?

Can Pigmentation be treated?

Yes, Pigmentation can be treated with the help of medical aid and the solution to this is just one click away. At New Look Cosmetic Laser Center, Gurgaon where you are warmly welcomed by the experts who will examine your skin and treat it with all the advanced equipment and procedures that will bring back your lost self-confidence and the flawless look you have been wanting from a long time. Who does not enjoy the benefits of looking flawless? New Look Cosmetic Laser Center helps you change your outlook and image you have always imagined.

Is Cosmetic Laser Procedure Safe?

Now, the question arises that if one wants to permanently get rid of Pigmentation then is it safe to go for a cosmetic procedure such as laser treatment? Yes, At New Look Cosmetic Laser Center, Gurgaon we help our clients with mind-blowing results and will unravel the issues related to your skin. For more information do visit our official website , where you can find all answers related to your queries regarding skin concerns such as Pigmentation and Cosmetic Laser procedures.